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When choosing flooring for your garage, Polytek's polyurea coating systems can provide the ideal blend of form and function. Recognized for its strength and durability, an epoxy floor provides a seamless, smooth appearance that adds visual appeal to your space.

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Custom Appearance: Choose from an array of multi and solid color systems to custom-design a space that complements your home's style.

Enhanced Safety: The unique orange-peel texture and anti-skid surface options built into our garage flooring systems provide added protection against slips and falls.

Extreme Durability: Resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and impact, your new flooring will have what it takes to hold up to the toughest applications.

Fast Installation: We know your time is valuable, so our certified installers can get your garage floor coating ready for use in just 24 hours.

Durability: Unlike an epoxy garage floor coating, our chip system uses polyurea — a material that's much stronger and more flexible. With a polyurea basecoat and topcoat, our chip flooring is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and UV damage.

Style: The vinyl chips can be custom-blended into nearly any color, allowing your new garage floor to match your existing décor!

Convenience: Our chip flooring can be installed in as little as one day by Polytek Midwest's trained and certified flooring experts.

Coverage: Our chip system is backed by a 15-year product warranty on residential projects - so you won't ever have to worry about the long-term quality of your floor.

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new floor. We were very impressed with the professionalism of the installers. Polytek is a great concept and we look forward to many years of a beautiful garage floor. It was so nice to work with a business that actually does what it says it will do. We will recommend your company to everyone we know.

- T. and J. Plunkett


Polytek Midwest Surface Coatings -  Residential

When it comes to garage floor coatings we've got your floor covered! We utilize only the best formulations of polyurea floor coatings to make your floor look great and last!

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Polytek Midwest Surface Coatings - Commercial

From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, from kitchens to hospitals and everything in between, we have the right coating to fit your needs. Our wide range of coatings and preparation equipment will ensure minimal down time and a successful coating application every time. We will work with you from beginning to end to make sure you end up with the perfect coating to match the demands of your flooring needs.

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Polytek Midwest Surface Coatings - Polished Concrete

Polytek Midwest is Wisconsoin and Illinois's premier provider of stained and polished decorative concrete. We offer a wide range of services, providing business owners with the concrete flooring that they want and need.

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Polytek Midwest Surface Coatings - Outdoor Surfaces

We do more than garage floors! Polytek can transform your patio, sidewalk, or pool surround into a beautiful area you will love.

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Polytek Midwest Surface Coatings

4x Stronger
than Epoxy

This is due to polyureas extreme flexibility, elongation, dense cross-linking, and mar resistance. Polyureas can take a tremendous amount of abuse because they are malleable and can take the physical impacts and disperse them, much like the rubber on a car tire.

Polytek Midwest Surface Coatings

Will not Crack
or Peel

Polyureas are 98% more flexible than typical Epoxy/Hybrid floor coatings. This flexibility is key during the summer to winter transition when the ground and concrete are freezing. Polyureas, being as flexible as they are, expand and contract with the concrete leaving the surface strong and intact.

Polytek Midwest Surface Coatings

Resists Salt, Oil,
Gasoline and UV Rays

Polyureas are more chemically resistant to a much wider range of chemicals than epoxy surfaces. This is due to their densely cross-linked chemistry. From Salt, Oil, Gas, and Grease, to Acids, Skydrol, Hydroxides, Polyureas will stand the test of time. Polyureas are also 100% UV stable.

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